Classic Christmas Beers for Santa, Elves and Reindeer

You can do better than milk and cookies. This year, leave Santa something he really wants: beer. And don’t forget to place a few extra cold ones on the hearth for the dedicated few who help Santa bring us Christmas joy — the reindeer and elves. Those green-collar workers sure could use a tall glass of suds after working the longest night of the year.


The man in charge needs a beer as seasonal as the holiday he’s helped to make famous. He needs a beer that screams sleigh rides and mistletoe. For Santa, go with an iconic holiday beer you know he’ll love.

Celebrator Doppelbock from Ayinger Brewery: This German mainstay won the highest rated Doppelbock award at the 2007 World Beer Championship. The bottles come adorned with tiny ram ornaments, which the real Santa and Mrs. Clause can use to decorate the Christmas tree next year.

Christmas Ale from Bell’s Brewing: This smooth Scotch ale may just be the perfect Christmas beer. It’s at once simple and complex, with herbal aromas and a rich caramel red color that matches perfectly with the season.


The reindeers are the ones moving this enterprise, and traversing the globe requires fuel. The reindeer need a beer they can really sink their teeth into to keep them rolling through the night. You’re going to need more than a 6-pack — there’s a nine beer minimum for this thirsty crew.

Celebration Ale from Sierra Nevada: The hoppiest holidays start with this classic American-style IPAs. This Christmas mainstay pairs perfectly with any party or festive occasion, and is hoppy enough, with Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops, that the reindeer can really chomp on it.

Chai-Spiced Imperial Russian Stout from Stone Brewing: Take Stone’s classic Russian Imperial Stout and add some Christmas flavors like cinnamon, clove, ginger, among others, and you have a beer that any hard-working reindeer is sure to appreciate. Skip that carrots and show the reindeer you’re truly grateful this year.


When the elves finally knock off work after building toys for millions and millions of good little girls and boy, they’re going to need a beer that’s easy to drink. It’s a thankless job that requires an unimposing, easy-sipping beer.

Żywiec: There’s a time and a place for a light beer, and that time and place is when you get off work and need to get the Christmas party started in a hurry. This Polish old-country favorite is still brewed today according to traditional recipes. Sometimes you can’t beat an original.

Budvar: If you want to be part of a real Christmas tradition, pop the top on a beer that’s been brewed for over 700 years. The original Budweiser is a Czech lager made with top-quality ingredients. It’s brewed to the highest standards, to impress even the most sophisticated elf. And its smooth, universal flavor goes down easy after you punch that final Christmas time clock.

This Christmas, help us pay tribute to the hardest working folks in the business. Leave work early and start your celebration at

*Photo courtesy of Mitten Brew and photographer Bri Luginbill