Celebrate Thanksgiving with a Growler of Beer

This Thanksgiving, skip the green bean casserole and make sure your dish to pass is something everyone will love — a growler of beer. As one of the biggest travel holidays of the year, there’s no better to time to add a destination to the Journey Jug dashboard, and to impress friends and family with a beer that pairs with their favorite holiday meal. Are you ready to start a new holiday tradition that everyone will really be thankful for?


Now you can bring an old friend — your trusty growler — to your family Thanksgiving. Add one of our new Journey Jug stickers to your growler, and share photos of your happy family around a table of turkey and microbrews. If you’re traveling long distances to get home for Thanksgiving, a Journey Jug sticker is also a great way to travel light on the airplane and to then apply the sticker to a new growler when you arrive at your destination.


A growler is the perfect receptacle when home for the holidays. Growlers are designed for transport, and afford you the opportunity to deliver a unique beer from your favorite local brewery. Have a long drive ahead of you to get to the old homestead? Try one of our new Journey Jug stainless steel growlers, which can keep beverages cold for up to 48 hours.


Might we make a few suggestions? When you show up to the family dinner you want to be a welcome part of the family tradition, and that means filling your growler with something that pairs well with dinner. You could consider a classic American-style IPA for the holiday, like the aptly named Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, or even a seasonally appropriate hard cider to wash down the bird. We’re partial to Tandem Ciders and their small-batch varieties made with northern Michigan apples.

Lagers and pilsners are also good choices to help you save room for that extra helping of mashed potatoes and gravy. Brooklyn Pilsner and Bell’s Lager of the Lakes are great beers for filling your holiday growler, and for sharing with family members who are new to the craft beer scene. Everyone can enjoy a nice, cold glass of pilsner.

Bonus pro tip: Double down on the pumpkin pie with your favorite seasonal pumpkin beer. Something like Punkin’ Pie Ale from Liberty Street Brewing  — tastes like pie, but with the added benefit of, you know, being beer.

Now that you’re going to be the favorite family member, all that’s left to do is prepare a good toast and give thanks for beer… and Mom’s stuffing. Start your holiday feast at journeyjug.com.