A New Kind of Beer Growler: The Journey Jug Begins


Beers are best shared with friends — a pint at your favorite local brewery, a six-pack on a camping trip, and now, with Journey Jug, online and anywhere your travels take you. Journey Jug is a reusable growler for your favorite craft beverage. It holds the perfect amount to share with friends and can be refilled at breweries, cideries and many bars.

How Journey Jug Works

Each Journey Jug has a unique 5-digit tracking number. This is the key to viewing a jug’s history. For example try J5EAB or 683ES. You can also add a unique Journey Jug tracking sticker to your favorite growler.

Tell The Story Of Your Favorite Beers

Wherever you go, plug your unique tracking code to add your growler’s story. Every time a jug is filled or enjoyed is an opportunity to add to its history. Share with friends on social media, and track each other’s movement. Who knows, if you plan things right you may just meet somewhere for an IPA or stout.

Keep The Growler Moving

When you’re done with your jug, refill it, pass it to a friend and let the journey continue. The Journey Jug code isn’t tied to one particular user — it’s tied to the growler. That means you can track your Journey Jug after you passed it along. Just like an old friend, your Journey Jug will always have a story to tell, even when you’re miles away.

The journey begins at JourneyJug.com. Fill your new growler or add a tracking code to your old favorite. Where has your beer growler been?