5 Must-Have Accessories For Your Favorite Beer Growler

Beer adventurers and microbrew fans know that the beer growler can be just as valuable as the beer you fill it with. That’s why it’s so important to keep your growler clean and properly stored, and to take care of your growler and its contents when you’re on a journey for microbrews. Here are five essential beer growler accessories that will help keep your beer fresh and cold, and your growler in tip-top shape.

Fyxation Growler Caddy: This full-grain leather growler caddy is perfect for those who like good beer and bike rides. Just attach the leather straps to your bicycle and pedal your way to your favorite brewery for a fill-up. Made in Milwaukee, WI.  

Photo by Dave Joye — Journey Jug #ATEJM

Growler Crate: Beer bottles come in nice crates. Don’t beer growlers deserve the same treatment? Growler Crate is handmade with solid wood construction. These carriers make transporting multiple growlers a breeze, and make a great conversation piece while you wait at the bar for your growler refill.  


Coleman® Camping Cooler: It’s hard to top an insulated, stainless steel Journey Jug for keeping your suds frosty on a hot day. Unfortunately, traditional glass growlers don’t have the same ability to keep your beer cold. If you’re not yet the owner of one of these, there are plenty of good coolers on the market to keep your old-school growlers at preferred temps. That said, you can’t go wrong with the original: Coleman® coolers are perfect for storing and transporting multiple growlers at a time. Just add ice and prepare to make a lot of friends.


Journey Jug Sticker: If you’re going to pamper your growler with carriers, coolers and leather harnesses, you may as well show it off. Celebrate your growler and all the breweries you’ve visited with a Journey Jug sticker. Add the sticker to your favorite growler, fill it up and start mapping your beer travels.

Your Favorite Brew: Of course, the most important growler accessory of all is the beer you put inside it. Head for your favorite brewery or beer bar, fill your Journey Jug growler and call a few friends over for a night around the beer jug.